Welcome to Darhk City

Written by Talex Tahone (1955)  

Blood. Thats what this here city is about. You were either born here or you bleed real hard to get here. Either way you made some family along the way. Once you're here, you're one of us. You can leave, but this here city will call you back, even if its from the grave. You'll hear it and even if you're deaf, you'll hear the call till you say yes to it.

Some of us were born here. Some of us came here from God knows where. The people that come here come from somewhere worse. That we can all agree on. We all agree its a good idea to never ask where you came from. In Darhk City you ask a man "How long you been one of us?" If its a woman you just kiss her hand, smile, tip your hat and appoligize for not saying hello sooner.        

This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.



A crime commited in the outlandes is still a crime, if its against Outlande or Founder Law.

Know your place.
Know where to look.
No one wants to lose a good neighbor

Checklist for new business Ventures

  1. Fill out the New Ventures Form (available at City Hall)
  2. Attend at least two Citizen Committees
  3. COMPLETE THE FOUNDERS LAW certificate program
  4. Attend at least two Council meetings
  5. Schedule a proxy session with the Founders Council
  6. Attend at New business luncheon
  7. Submit plan for Immigration Integration (25% of all non related employees must be immigrants during your first year of business.
  8. Submit your "Final Resolution to Conduct Welfare" Plan to the Immigration housing Center.
  9. Submit at least two recommendation letters from members of the Founding Families. (2 per every 100 employees per 6 months)
  • Having a Founding Family Sponser your endeavor will shorten the requirements
  • Members of any FOunding Family are only required to do 1,3,6,7,8
  • Financing available for new businesses at Price Family Capital Bank

Sherif's Outelande Militias Update

"All Arms Union of Men & Women" was raided on a date to which can not be released as per Outelande Law. They agreed to give up their roster of members and the negotiations were done peacefull. 32 members were present at the property and all cooperated with our requests in a lawful manner. All prior complaints will be thrown out as no illegal activities were found on the property. No one was being held against their will or in danger of health or wellfare harm. The roster will be released at the Outeland council meeting this month as agreed upon per Founders Law.       

New Viral City - Outbreak Updates

N.V. City, our beloved neighbors to the east are at it again. Yet another outbreak of a serum related strain of Red Dust 5 has been found to have recently crossed the waters into the city limits of Darhk City

It is a mild strain compared to the last one and there is currently no concern or need of a vaccine at this time. Members of the Plains tribes will most likely have natural immunity to the new strain, as expected. However, this has not been confirmed.

E.S.E.X. Corp takes full responsibility for the outbreak, saying a prior employee was found to have been at fault for the accidental spread of the contagion. More to come on the situation during the Wednesday E.S.E.X. news conference.

This weeks Events

Day, time Event/commitee Location
Tuesday 3:00pm Immigtaion and labor council Community Union Building, Room "H"
Wednesday 4:00pm Outeland Council (not open to public)
Thursday 7:00pm New Business Commitee  City Hall  Main room

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